TNC Granite


Granite is an igneous rock of volcanic origin and is composed of 30% quartz and 60% feldspar, which give it a high-range in hardness. It is very resistant to high wear and tear, with superior abrasion resistance and compressive strength. It is available in a wide range of colours. Historically is used to be available only in a homogeneous grain, now it is available in veined and patterned varieties. Granite is an excellent material for internal and external building use because of its hardness and resistant to all types of weather.

Offers the beauty of granite, whilst also combining the same physical and mechanical benefits. It is extremely hard wearing and stronger than natural stone, whilst at the same time being a non-porous material which does not require treatment with the added benefit of also being temperature resistant. The advantages to Engineered stone are the huge availability of colours and in particular the light range of colours that are available. Most importantly the colour and patterns are consistent and uniform over the entire surface area of the slab.

Marble is a calcareous rock with a mid-range in its hardness, formed usually by fine grain crystals. This composition contributes to a mirrorlike polish finish, which is exceptional in stone. It is suitable for internal use. Marble was created deep within the earth millions of years ago, it is found in many countries, such as, Turkey, Greece, India, Italy, and Spain. 40% of the world's marble resources are in Turkey.

Slate is an ideal surface for kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity tops, table tops, bar tops and counter tops. It is very hygienic, heat resistant and easy to keep clean. It’s cold, smooth, tactile nature provides an attractive and practical work surface. Slate is a metamorphic rock which is impermeable, hard, close in texture, quick drying, frost resistant, fine grained and fissile - it splits easily into thin layers. It is brittle and needs to be handled carefully Slate’s naturally slip-resistant surface is very hard and durable, suitable for indoor as well as outdoor applications, slate can also satisfy natural stone flooring needs.

Limestone is widely used in bathrooms and for flooring and often comes with fossils embedded in it. Suitable for internal use and in block format in external applications. Limestone is a sedimentary rock, mainly composed of mineral calcite. The primary source of the calcite is usually marine organisms, which settle out of the water column and are deposited on the ocean floors as pelagic ooze. Secondary calcite may also be deposited in super-saturated meteoric waters, as is evidenced by the creation of stalagmites and stalactites.

A porous calcareous rock. Travertine may vary in colour from white to silver-grey, to yellow, red, and dark brown. Easy to work than marble and granite, the surface is suitable for a honed, polished or antiqued finish. It is mainly used for internal applications; however it can also be used externally in warm climates. Travertine is a sedimentary limestone formed by chemical precipitation of calcium salts in watersheds.